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Michael | Culinary Arts & Restaurant Management | Southeast Community College

Jessica | Sociology | UNL

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for the love of beer

Michael & Jessica Bliven are Lexington Natives. 1998 graduates of Lex High, they both attended college in Lincoln,  marrying in 2006. Soon after, they moved to Colorado for a change in scenery. While there, they grew their family with a son, Terrence, and daughter, Freya. And after many years enjoying the mountain view, they moved back to the Lex area to be closer to their family.

Michael's passion for  brewing began when Jessica bought him a small brewing kit for Christmas 14 years ago. He started with a small brewing system in his garage, brewing for family and friends. Once he got started, there was seldom a celebration that didn't include his famous home brew. He spent years perfecting his recipes, with countless taste testers and lots of encouragement. Eventually entering some brews in a local brewing competition and walking away with some awards.

So when the couple decided to move back to their roots, they decided to make their dreams of brewing beer for the masses a reality. And their story is just beginning...

a brief history

Canyon Lakes Brewing Company is located at the Johnson Lake State Recreation Area, the heart of the four-lake complex on the Tri-County Canal, also known as the "canyon lakes".  The building has a long history at Johnson Lake, a previous hotspot for locals and tourists alike. Completely renovated, Canyon Lakes is now open, new and improved!